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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare [v:1.2]



Playing only snipers. No rush! Base on base!
[It means there is a borders in middle of map, wich you can't cross...
lines of this borders bellow]
No aviation [airstraik]! Only if you can send it out of map, without killing anyone.
No helicopter! If you send it, you must emideatly go out in spectors
and whait, when he'll fly away.
No M-21! She's forbidden becose of easy assault holding-breez.

Dont shoots through walls!! Many peoples get bans rightly for this!
You can send in wall only 1 bullit if you see part of body or enemy's gun
in moment of shot.
 1 shoot-1 kill! Dont fast-shooting! Even in air.

And if it is not a problem, plz print tag of your country near nick [Like Otto(GR)],
becose many russians may can try speak with you on home language)

Shoots through walls:
Situation 1. You think, that possibl enemy siting behind the wall. 
For exemple-some popular camp on map. 
Shoot in wall is strictly forbidden. 

Situation 2. The enemy is sitting (you see him). You miss or not catch kill, and he is lay down (now he under wall and dont see him). 
Shoot in wall is strictly forbidden. 

Situation 3. The enemy run in some side(left or right) and he runed for wall(dont see him anymore). 
Catch wall shoot or by trajectory
is strictly forbidden.  

Situation 4. You look on smoke-grenade in action. 
You can't shoot on luck in any place! Not by radar, not by killcam, not by memory after death, anyway. 

Situation 5. You see smoking, but distinct not experience targets is runing before smok.
 You can shoot. But right says that you see him, and tell him that he need learn how throwing granade =) 

Situation 6. You see heel, elbow, head, movable camouflage or target's rifle. 
You can shoot. But after kill - says him how it was. Like: "Iwasseerifle"

Warning! In all these cases, you can make only one shot!
(if missed - lay down to next breath holding, about 3 sec)


Not in map-rotator:

All question on e-mail
or Steam: rs_ingvarson
Skype: rus-ingvarson